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Hello, friends. I’m Robby Cunningham, owner and CEO of Rock the World Multimedia – and a lifelong musician. Thanks for dropping by!

Over the past 30 years, I’ve been front man (and sometimes drummer) in about a dozen bands and performed hundreds of live shows.

I’ve also written, co-written or produced at least 100 songs, recorded thousands of tracks on both analog and digital systems (primarily ProTools) and, most importantly, helped many musicians bring their songs – their passion – to life. 

Needless to say, the lockdowns and quarantines that started back in 2020 created a lot of “free” time. No doubt there are thousands of others like me who’ve spent a lot of this time in the shed – and collectively written probably a million new songs since it all began!

And now it’s time to take all those great song ideas, capture them forever and… Rock the World! 

What? You don’t own a bunch of fancy recording gear? 

I was there, too. In fact, not so long ago, about the only way to really record your own music was to “get a contract” and have your newfound record company (boss) put you into a big, expensive studio.

When you got that, you had “made it,” so to speak. So, that became my dream. But there was one little problem… you guessed it – you can’t make money and pay your bills living on a dream.

So, I ended up getting a “real” job, settling down and raising a family. And while this left about zero time to chase my passion, I was successful enough to justify it – but, all the while my musical passion was clawing at me from the inside out.

I was out of the game – but the game was never out of me!

Fast-forward about 18 years; son headed off to college and most of that fancy recording gear is now available to just about anyone with a decent computer and internet.

So, over the years I’ve acquired/built my own recording studio. But like anything, all the gear in the world won’t help if you don’t know what to do with it!

So now I’m ready to take those decades of knowledge, experience and helping other musicians and finally loose those ever-repressed musical passions. And if there’s one thing in this world I love to do, it’s make music! 

Check out my blog page for more on the fascinating origins of Rock the World, my evolution of multi-tracking on everything from 2-channel reel-to-reel to having only the second ProTools rig in town, how to get a “reel” job (see what I did there?) – and so much more about my undying love for music and the journey thus far.

Meanwhile, let’s get started on helping YOU capture YOUR music, so you, too, can Rock the World!